Evil granny drugs her granddaughter repeatedly with changaa, aids son defile her

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In a scene straight from hell, a 55-year-old grandmother from Eldoret has been arrested for intoxicating her 12-year-old granddaughter with changaa and then aiding her son to defile the girl who is her daughter.

The woman was arrested following a warrant of arrest that was issued against her by Eldoret Senior Resident Magistrate Barnabas Kiptoo directed the officer in charge of the station to arrest her in November 2022.

This was after the man in question was handed a 33-year sentence for repeatedly defiling her daughter and then telling her not to tell anyone about it.

“I used to find myself on my father’s bed with a lot of pain in my private parts. My grandmother used to wash me after the incident as she frequently told me not to tell anybody,” the minor told the court in 2022.

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During the hearing, it was heard that the man lived in a one-bedroom semi-permanent house with his daughter and his mother. The court was told that the mother would give the girl changaa on a regular basis. Once she became intoxicated, the man would carry the girl to his bed and defile her.

The woman who was arrested on Tuesday was presented to court yesterday after being hunted by the police for more than two months.

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