Here is why you are a one minute man

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It is the month of love, and many people are going to try new things, or continue with their norm.

Sex is vital in the growth of relationships, according to sexual health experts and relationship coaches. It strengthens the emotional connection, bond, and commitment.

As far as sex has benefits in a romantic entanglement, it also has its blackness in cases where partners, especially men, fail to play their game well in bed.

This is caused by a low libido or decreased sex drive, which causes tension in a relationship and fosters guilt and doubt among partners, obviously.

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What causes low libido in men?

1. Depression

Depression is a disease. It is very different from just feeling unhappy. Depression translates to a major mental health problem that interferes with almost all aspects of your life, from education, relationships to work.

It causes low sex drive, especially when the partner is the cause of depression. If you find out that you are depressed, look for a qualified medical practitioner to assess the levels of your depression and recommend a suitable anti-depressant for you.

2. Low self-esteem

Self-esteem is the overall opinion of yourself. The ability to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses and learn how to manage them.

In a relationship, partners with poor body image and low confidence have low sexual desire. In men, it affects their erection leading to poor performance in bed.

Also, research shows that men who masturbate are low performers, not due to masturbation, but the feeling of guilt and ideologies that ‘masturbation reduces bedroom capabilities’.

3. Alcohol

The love for the bottle can make you have a low sex drive. This is because alcohol interferes with the production of testosterone, a male sexual hormone for normal sexual development and functions.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men, who drink 14 bottles of alcohol in a week, are at a greater risk of having low libido. Men should consider quitting alcoholic beverages to evade health deterioration.

4. Tobacco, marijuana, khat use

In general, drugs cause an imbalance in testosterone levels, which in turn calls for a lack of sexual desire.

Smoking has been associated with decreased sperm parameters. It affects sperm production. On the other hand, Khat (miraa) chewing leads to the production of poor quality sperms or deformed sperms. All these limits your sexual aptness.

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