How man faked his daughter and mother’s death in order to get Sh600k from insurance company

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A man who received Sh600,000 from an insurance firm after the death of his mother, daughter and mother in law has been arrested after police discovered that he faked their deaths.

Philip Odero was yesterday presented at a Mombasa court where he pleaded guilty of faking the deaths of his three relatives in order to cash out on insurance premiums.

Odero had enrolled with Old Mutual insurance’s last respect expense policy on May 3, 2021. He then paid the full-year premium of Sh17,000 and named his wife, six children, his mother, mother-in-law, and father-in-law as beneficiaries.

On June 17th of the same year, Odero notified the insurance company that his daughter had died at the Bofu Dimbwini area in Mombasa. The company processed the claim on July 2 and paid him Sh100,000 as a final expense via his bank account at Mwembe Tayari KCB Branch.

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The following month, on August 31, Odero notified the insurer that his mother had died within the Ganahola area. The company paid him Sh250,000.

Two months later on November 19 he claimed his mother-in-law had died. This time round, the insurance company became suspicious of the high number of deaths at Odero’s family and informed the police.

Investigations revealed that all the family members were indeed alive apart from the daughter who died before Odero enrolled for the insurance scheme.

He was arrested on February 8, at Vijiweni Mtongwe village before being presented to the court

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