“I don’t regret Dubai drama,” says Karen Nyamu, “Kwani tei ilitengenezewa akina nani?”

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A photo collage of mugithi singer samidoh and his on and off lover senator Karen nyamu

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has said she does not regret causing drama in Dubai at a concert where her baby daddy Samidoh was performing.

Karen who was thrown out of the concert after forcing herself on stage and later sitting on Samido’s lap in the presence of his wife Edday Nderitu has said that contrary to public opinion she is not a drunkard.

“Whom was alcohol made for? The thing is you know guys think that I am a drunkard. I’m not a drunkard. My drink is Heineken but that day in Dubai I drank spirits… and I don’t drink every day, I’m a social drinker,” Karen told Vybes Radio in an interview.

“That day was wild but I do not regret anything… Kwani tei ilitengenezewe nani… the thing is you know guys think that I’m a drunkard, but I’m not a drunkard… Hiyo siku it was wild but I don’t regret anything,” Said the Senator.

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After the incident Karen promised to quit alcohol although she later said that she has gone back to drinking.

This is after one of her fans reminded her two weeks that she had promised to quit alcohol after her embarrassing debacle in Dubai towards the end of last year.

The Senator had made a post with an inspirational Bible verse was asked by one of her fans whether she stopped taking liquor.

“I hope uliacha pombe ,” the fan said. Nyamu responded with, “Mbona niache?

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