Itumbi: The amount of money Raila owes KRA

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Controversial blogger Dennis Itumbi has sensationally claimed that Raila Odinga has due taxes to pay. 

Itumbi who is an aide to President William Ruto has asked Raila to pay his taxes and stop making noise over an alleged witch-hunt targeting former President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Moi families.

Itumbi claimed that the Uhuru family that Raila is defending has already started clearing some of their pending tax due.

“Hon. Raila Odinga just Pay your Tax obligations. Wachana na Kenyattas. They have paid some here and they will pay the rest which is still a big lot. Sasa wewe lipa Sh 344m that you owe after dumping fuel here meant for Export to Uganda,” Itumbi alleged.

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He added:

“Wacha stories. By the way, there are no new taxes, zile tu wewe na Uhuru had during your time. The last Finance bill was in 2022 when your handshake was still in power. So lipa, what you said Kenyans should pay.”

The debate on tax issues touching on big families has been raging for quite some time.

The Kenyatta family has been accused of being tax cheats and funding Raila’s demos so that they can avoid paying taxes.

Ruto has, however, reiterated that all Kenyans must pay taxes irrespective of who they are.

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