Pritty Vishy: Stevo Simple Boy was never interested in sex with me

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Pritty Vishy has said that she does not miss her ex boyfriend Steve Simple Boy because he behaved like a child when they were dating.

Vishy has lamented that Stivo couldn’t even hug her while they were dating and that he also denied her sex insisting that they could only get intimate after they got married.

She also complained that Stivo didn’t even pamper her with love.

Mwanaume ambaye ata hawezi kuhug, hamwezi kufanya ngona kwa sababu munangojea ndoa. Kama basi munangojea ndoa kitu kama hug, pampering you know. Even if you don’t have money but the way you will treat your woman will make her to want you more to want you by her side,” Vishy complained during an interview at Milele FM.

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Vishy also suggested that Stivo was illiterate when they started dating, revealing that they couldn’t even text each other romantically.

She added that Stivo couldn’t even withdraw money from Mpesa because he didn’t know how to do it.

Hatukua tunatext since hakua anajua kuchat, hakua anajua ata kutoa pesa, alikua anaenda kwa Mpesa anapatiana simu anamwambia nitolee,” Vishy said.

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