Sonko dares Prophet Owuor to heal Ole Sankok

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Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has dared Prophet Owuor to perform a miracle on East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP David Sankok. 

In a tweet on Tuesday, February 21, Sonko stated that he would repent all his sins and get saved if Prophet Owuor heals the EALA MP.

Ole Sankok

“These are great miracles. There is a God in heaven who heals. My simple humble request to our beloved Prophet Owuor can he also perform a miracle to our brother Hon. David Ole Sangok the EALA M.P? ” Sonko posed.

He added,” If he is healed I will go straight to the prophet and repent all my sins and get saved to become a born-again Christian. Let’s all pray for this great miracle to happen.”

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Prophet Owuor

Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot echoed Mike Sonko’s remarks and asked Prophet Owuor to perform a miracle to end the current drought season in the country.

“I would want him to perform a miracle to end the current biting drought and famine. He should also perform a miracle so that we can have rain. As nomads, our cows (our wealth) are dying,” Aukot stated.

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