Why I bailed out seven suspected bandits, Mp David Pkosing

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Pokot South Member of Parliament (MP) David Pkosing has defended his move to secure freedom for seven suspected bandits. Speaking after his release by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Pkosing said it was just an act of empathy because the suspected bandits come from his region.

“I am very shocked. Nimeshangaa sana ya kwamba mimi nashikwa kwa sababu nilishikia watoto bond ambao walikuwa very poor. They have condemned them as criminals and did not want them to be released on bond,” MP Pkosing stated.

He claimed that he had never met the men before and neither did he know them.

“What I know is that they are innocent boys that is why the court had seen it fit to grant them bonds. It is the Kenyan law which allowed it,” the embattled legislator who was arrested yesterday night and questioned for several hours explained.

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The Mp said that the seven men he bailed out were actually the owners of over 200 heads of cattle that had just been killed by bandits. They were arrested while checking on their cows and taken to Kitale where they were arraigned in court.

“Mimi ni mtu wa amani, I was in the peace and justice commission before I became an MP, kila mtu anajua hivyo, na mimi sijawai andika statement ya police anywhere in my life.”

“WaPokot sio criminals, na hatuwezi kuleta amani kwa hii njia ya kuintimidate leaders. Na kama mtu alitaka niwe intimidated ili nisiongee na wenzangu kuhusu waPokot, nataka niwaambie I will never stop speaking about our people who are suffering,” he said.

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