“I only give pastor Dorcas Sh3,000 for salon,” DP Gachagua. “Hana mahitaji mingi”

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Kenya’s Tickler in Chief, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has added to his long lost of truthful statements by claiming that his wife pastor Dorcas is not a high maintenance second lady.

The DP who was speaking at the launch of the Women Hustler Fund today at the KICC has advised men to marry women who they can manage.

Riggy G in particular asked men not to marry women who are high maintenance by following his example.

“We are also happy when we see you beautiful,” he said as women cheered him from the background.

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The DP challenged men to revisit the old times when they would give their women money and not ask what they needed it for.

“Give her Sh3,000 without asking what she would use it for because you love her. These days wen you give a woman KSh 1,000 you plan even for her balance because there is no more money,” he said.

“You have seen my wife, pastor Dorcas. I don’t have a lot of issues because she is a pastor. She does not have many needs so even when I give her Sh3,000 for hairdo, she is satisfied,” he said, as the crowd burst into laughter.

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