Kenyan medic arrested while smuggling Sh54 million gold at an Indian Airport using sick child

The 7 kilos of gold were hidden in an oxygen concentrator bag for a sick child the medic was transporting for treatment from Nairobi

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A Kenyan medic was arrested upon landing at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, India with seven kilos of gold that is suspected to have been smuggled from Nairobi.

Indian security officials have not yet released the name of the suspect. They however say that the medic had concealed the gold worth Sh52 million in an oxygen concentrator bag for a critically ill four-month-old baby that the health professional had traveled with from Kenya to India for cardiac surgery.

The suspect arrived in New Delhi together with the sick child and his parents on Monday using a Fly Emirates plane flight number EK 516 from Dubai.

“Delhi Airport Customs intercepted a Kenyan Pax arriving from Nairobi by EK516 today & seized 7kg gold valued at Rs.3.35 cr. Gold was concealed in a portable oxygen concentrator bag, providing support to a critically ill 4 months infant,” said customs officials at the airport.

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According to Indian law, it is a criminal offense to carry concealed gold.

The offenses and penal provisions state “that persons involved in smuggling and other modus operandi of imports and exports, in violation of prohibitions/ restrictions in vogue or with intent to evade duties or fraudulently claim export incentives are liable to serious penal action under the Customs Act.”

The offending goods can be confiscated and heavy fines and penalties imposed. There are also provisions for arrests and prosecution to deter them from smuggling and commercial frauds, which seriously affect the economy and even society at large regarding sensitive goods like drugs, arms and ammunition.

Just last month, two Kenya Airways crew members were arrested at the same airport in India while trying to smuggle in 18 kilos of gold worth at least Sh120 million. The gold was hidden inside the false cavity of the KQs baggage haul.

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