Father suspected of gouging the eyes of his son in a bizarre incident in Kisii

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The residents of Ikuruma village in Marani, Kisii county are in shock after unknown people kidnapped a three-year-old boy and gouged his eyes off leaving him blind for life.

The boy’s grandmother Rael Mayieka says her grandson Junior Sagini, had gone to fetch water on Thursday evening from a nearby spring in the company of other children but did not return home with the rest.

The children who were with Sagini say that while on the way to the river, the three-year-old suddenly threw his jerrican and started running away. When the other children got home with their jerrycans full of water, they informed Sagini’s grandmother what had happened.

The granny went to the spring searching for her grandson, but he was nowhere to be seen.

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“We tried to look for him but all our efforts proved futile. The following day, his elder brother who had gone to cut grass for the cows pounced on him in a maize plantation and he came home panting to inform us. We rushed to the scene and found the boy writhing in pain and his eyes gouged out,”  Mayieka who was interviewed by the Daily Nation said.

The minor was immediately rushed to the Kisii Eye Hospital where he is currently recuperating in the general ward after a surgical procedure.

“Both his eyes had been removed completely, and there are some injuries in the lids…so it looks like there was a sharp instrument like a knife that was used,” said Dr. Daniel Kiage.

Police had initially arrested baby Sagini’s father but later released him for lack of evidence connecting him to the crime.

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