Homabay: Man scalded with hot water for stopping a woman from showering at his front door

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A police vehicle at a crime scene

A man who was fed up with his neighbour, a woman who had made a habit of taking a bath outside his door has learnt never to scorn women after he was scalded with hot water for trying to stop his front door from becoming a bathroom.

The troubling incident which has shocked residents of Mbita in Homabay county was ignited when the woman only known as ‘Nyasindo’ came to Ibrahim Ochieng Oriko’s door with a bucket of hot water like she has always done in order to take a shower.

Instead of enjoying a free adult movie like he has always done, Oriko who already had enough of seeing a naked Nyasindo at his door on a daily basis confronted her and asked her to go to a proper bathroom.

“The lady became furious whereby she went inside her house and came out carrying hot water in a sufuria,” says a police report of the incident which was reported at Mbita Police Station using OB number 14/21/2022.

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Nyasindo who burning with rage because she had been stopped from taking a bath at her favourite open-air bathroom poured the hot water from the sufuria on Oriko’s body starting from his face to the stomach.

“He was rushed to Mbita Level Four Hospital where he is admitted with 13 percent superficial burns and he is responding well to treatment,” say the police.

Nyasindo is still on the run.

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