Teenager murders younger brother over rice meal

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Tragedy has befallen a Ikorongo village in Nyamira county after a 15-year-old teenager killed his brother after they differed over who was supposed to cook a meal of rice.

Miruka location assistant chief Rober Maugo said that the deceased, a 13-year-old boy reportedly refused to take orders from his senior brother when his turn for lunch meal chores came sparking the tragic fight that led to his death.

“When it was the turn of the deceased boy to check the cooking rice in the kitchen, he was reluctant to do so, but when his older brother insisted he remained adamant and continued to playing with his 7-year-old younger brother.” Narrated Assistant Chief Maugo.

According to their younger brother who witnessed unfolding tragedy of the two siblings picked an argument that turned physical before the deceased was fatally punched on the chest during the confrontation.

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He said the deceased lost consciousness after he was hit on the rib cage with a fist as they wrestled to the ground during the brawl before the two brothers realized that he was motionless and non-responsive.

“Their grandmother, Wilkister Kerubo, who is also their guardian was away from home while their mother is away in Nairobi working to fend for her boys,” said the chief.

The remains of the 13-year minor have been taken to Nyamira Referral hospital mortuary awaiting autopsy while police hunt for the eldest boy who reportedly fled from the homestead after realising his efforts to resuscitate his brother were futile.

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