Xtian Dela and Thee Pluto expose each other of being crypto scammers

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Influencers Thee Pluto and Xtian Dela

After what has been an eternity outside social media, influencer Xtian Dela has made a finally made a come back accusing his former campaign manager and friend Thee Pluto of being a scammer saying there is no way the street sanitizer can afford three SUV’s.

Thee Pluto who made a name from his mostly scripted loyalty test YouTube videos where he asks couples to read each other’s mobile phone messages in order to ascertain if they are cheating on each other has not only become famous but considerably wealthy too.

According to Xtian, Thee Pluto runs a cryptocurrency scam called Flitaa that he is using to recruit influencers whom he uses to steal from people.

“Thee Pluto is not a content creator. His money is not from content,” said Xtian in a series of Instastories.

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“It’s a pyramid scheme. They have to bring people with the same amount of joining fee so that they can make money,” he said.

“What I believe is that Thee Pluto is smart and can make you want to buy when he knows umejua ni scam anakam na zile za pia mimi nilipoteza doo mob sana ndio maana niliachana na hio biz. If you are not keen enough kuona umebebwa ufala atasema tumepoteza wote,” he said.

Thee Pluto was announced in June as the very first brand ambassador for Flitaa. He has never publicly admitted for being a share holder of the cryptocurrency platform until now. In response to the claims made by Xtian, the Street Sanitizer has said he was operating another company known as Paper Flex with another friend called Brian but they later sold the project to Xtian and it collapsed.

Paper Flex was another ponzi like scheme that was frozen by Safaricom for presenting itself as a Kenyan crypto trading platform but in reality it operateed on trading in built coins and referrals. Only those with huge audiences and those who joined early were able to make money.

The scheme worked well for all of them for a period of about three months until Safaricom decided to freeze their till numbers. This was as a result of complains from Kenyans who had lost their money.

“Do you know how Xtian operates?” Thee Pluto has responded to the claims by Xtian.

“The things he is saying I do are the ones he does. He sat down with his wife to create stories about me,” said Thee Pluto.

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