Georgina Njenga explains source of leaked nudes as boyfriend Baha comes to her aid

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Social media influencer Georgina Njenga, who is the girlfriend to former actor Tyler Mbaya, better known as Baha has admitted that a video showing her completely nude while dancing that has gone viral is hers.

According to her she was being blackmailed by a man referring himself as “Dan to you” whom she was in a relationship with when she was 17 and wants to get back to her.

The video which was first released by chief relationship investigator Edgar Obare last night has gone viral attracting more than 350,000 views.

The 1minute and 27 seconds video shows Georgina, a mother of one twerking naked while spreading her legs for a better view. Her Miss (V) is very visible throughout the video whose identity was given away by her huge thigh tattoos.

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Baha has already come out to defend her lover. In an Instagram post Baha showed off her girlfriend accompanied by two love emojis. The two met in in 2020 and together they have one child named Astra Nyambura.

Despite their publicity, Baha and Georgina are one of the few young celebrity couple who have not shied away from sharing their love story and journey with their fans as they continue to serve couple goals on social media.

The nude video though has left Kenyans speechless with many concluding that YouTuber Andrew Kibe’s warning earlier that Georgina’s moral values were going to haunt them one day. Kibe’s video which was posted last year after Georgina posted a photo of his naked baby bump has been doing rounds on the social media streets the whole day.

“A woman who is willing to expose herself is mannerless. Whatever you are afraid off is coming to bite you,” Kibe is heard warning in the video.

“Today she is exposing herself to you next she will expose herself to all of us. Baha wherever you are if you are listening to open your mind. Stop this bullshit,” he warned.

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