Mombasa: Robber calls victim to give details about his accomplice after falling out over loot

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A daring robbery suspect contacted the victim on Wednesday and gave the details of his accomplice after they differed over sharing Sh67,000 loot in Mombasa.
The robbers accosted Francis Waweru on Tuesday at SabaSaba in Majengo and forced him to transfer the money to their phone while threatening to kill him if he failed to cooperate.
On Wednesday, Waweru received a call from a strange number and the caller informed him his accomplice did keep his side of the bargain.
He added that he was willing to share information on the whereabouts of his colleague to facilitate his arrest.
“I know you do not know me. However, we are the ones who robbed you on Tuesday. All I want is to help you because my friend never shared anything from the money we robbed you,” the suspect said.
The conversation was recorded and he did not disclose how much he was to be given.
“Just find a way of looking for him and send you the number he is currently using, and in case you are unable to find him l can assist you and show you where he acts as a broker for stolen motorbikes,” he said before he hung up.

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