“I saw Tecra turn to someone else,” Senator Tabitha Karanja

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Nakuru senator Tabitha Karanja has for the first time opened up on the months that led to the death of her daughter Tecra Muigai.

Tecra died on May 2, 2020, at the Nairobi hospital while undergoing treatment for what appeared to be a fall down a flight of stairs while holidaying with her boyfriend Omar Lali.

The exact cause of her death has however not been known and it still a matter of public inquest.

Her mother Tabitha and sister Arnelisa have now said that Tecra suddenly withdrew from her family socially from the day she met Omar.

They say she suddenly started making trips out of Nairobi, became a spend thrift and was unkempt most of the time.

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“At one time during an event at her house, I broke down after seeing how unkempt my sister had become, I couldn’t believe she was my sister. This is when she had started dating that monster,” Anerlisa has said in a new documentary by journalist John Allan Namu.

Arnenisa said that when she took Tecra upstairs to change she showed her that a large burn caused by Omar using a hot iron box.

Her mother Tabitha who also owns Keroche Breweries told Namu that she could not believe her daughter was dating Omar.

“I kept praying about this, it troubled me a lot because I saw my child turn into someone I didn’t know. I talked to God because I feared losing my child,” said Tabitha.

According to them Tecra was supposed to start a coffee business in the days leading to her death in Lamu.

Omar defended himself in the documentary saying that he truly loved Tecra and that her death was an accident.

“As I was sleeping, I had a loud voice, followed by one shout and then silence took over. Waking up, I did not find Tecra in our room, only to find her lying unconscious downstairs.”

The family has narrated in a new local investigative series, ‘The Last Door’ by John Allan Namu which is now showing on DSTV.

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