Ignore Sakaja. Dp Rigathi tells bars and matatus to continue breaking rules

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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has escalated his war of words with Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja by telling matatus and bars to disregard the county chief.

The DP who has been at logger heads with Sakaja over the attempt to reign in on bars and matatus has insisted that he will not relent in his quest to protect businessmen from Mt Kenya.

Speaking to Inooro TV last night, the DP has assured bar owners operating in residential areas and matatus of protection.

“Those who come to town are not complaining of congestion because that is where they source their daily bread… furthermore, when those planning to evict Matatus from the CBD will bring trains. We shall accept that they remove Matatus but for now there are no trains or buses,” said the DP.

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“I do not have any problems with anyone… but anyone who feels that there should be a change or shift in status quo, they should first consider how it shall change the lives of Kenyans and have a dialogue about it before making any decisions,” he said.

The DPs sentiments come just four days after the Nairobi governor maintained that he will not turn back on his quest to bring sanity in the city.

“President William Ruto has extremely been supportive…I heard someone saying that ..’ oooh Sakaja, hii Nairobi ilikuwa hivyo kabla uzaliwe, but that is why I am Governor…I cannot leave it to be how it was before I was born,” Sakaja said.

Since November last year, the governor has been having a back and forth between is office and bar owners plus matatu operators after he attempted to reign in on them.

The DP however feels like members of his community will be the worst affected if the governor makes good his threat to shut down bars operating in residential areas and kick out matatus from town.

Interestingly, Gachagua’s boss President William Ruto has sides with Sakaja, a move that has drawn a wedge between politicians allied to the DP and those who support prime cabinet secretary Musalia Mudavadi.

DP Gachagua’s allies led by Nyeri Senator Wahome Wamatinga have warned the Nairobi Governor of a possible impeachment should he make good his threat to relocate long-distance PSVs from the City’s CBD.

This move was countered by Bumula MP Jack Wamboka who said that he will bring a motion to the National Assembly to discuss Gachagua’s conduct.

Wamboka, an Azimio allied lawmaker claimed that the DP has been leaning towards the Mt. Kenya side so much, since he was sworn into office.

“Everytime Rigathi speaks you wonder whether he is the Deputy President of Kenya or Deputy President of the Kikuyu republic,” he said.

“In fact at some point, I will bring a motion to impeach you, discuss your conduct and impeach you ( Gachagua),” Wamboka added.

President Ruto who has been sucked into the debate last week invited Sakaja to accompany him to Galana Kulalu irrigation scheme, a move that was meant to push a political message to those opposing the governor’s reform agenda.

“You know we have a very young team we will sit down as a party and mentor some of the young people we have and solve these things,” said the president on Thursday when journalists posed him that question during a joint media interview.

The DP who has stood his ground has however vowed to speak on behalf of the Kikuyu community saying he will not be cowed to silence.

“Whenever anyone from the Kikuyu community speaks or they gather somewhere, they are accused of tribalism, but they turn the other way when members from another community do the same,” he said.

“I want to tell people this, keep on with your business. The government under the stewardship of President Willim Ruto has you covered and protected. Our government will not allow you to be anyone, regardless of who they call themselves to ruin your businesses,” he said.

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