Kakamega: Woman refuses to be buried until dowry is paid

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There was drama in Kakamega after the corpse of a 19-year-old woman literally “refused” to go home for burial.

Sources reveal that the woman identified as Mildred Makokha was married but her dowry had not been paid. She is said to have died from pregnancy complications 

The two families had taken the body of 19-year-old Mildred Makokha from St. Mary’s Mumias hospital mortuary for burial at her home. Her home in Makunga, Navakholo sub-county, by-passed her parents’ homestead. 

The hearse that was headed to the burial site started spluttering and came to a halt. The mourners attempted to jumpstart the car but all efforts bore no fruits.

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The mechanic confirmed that the car was in good condition and there was no fault with the fuel system as well.

Village elders concluded that the deceased was unhappy over the unpaid dowry. A group of village elders were called upon to ‘talk to the deceased’ and convince her to be buried at her homestead. They agreed on when and how the dowry would be paid.

The body was then put in a pick-up and taken home for burial.

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