Kamene Goro: Why I have left Kiss 100

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Media personality Kamene Goro has set the record straight on why she has left Kiss 100.

The bubbly radio presenter who hosted her last breakfast show for the Radio Africa owned station has insisted that she was not fired.

“I was not fired. My contract was up for renewal this month and there was no need to continue it,” she said.

“I have also seen those stories but sina ubaya na mtu,” she said outside the Lion’s Place immediately after signing off for the last time.

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Having been poached from NRG Radio alongside Andrew Kibe, a move that caused social media buzz, Kamene joined Kiss FM on June 14, 2019 on a salary in the range of half a million shillings.

There has been speculation that she was fired for not coming to work on a regular basis, a deep in ratings and giving excuses for non performance.

According to her the only time she did not come to work was when she was sick last year.

“There were days I did not come to work due to sickness. You can’t plan sickness,” she said adding that she had contemplated quitting from last year.

“It is something I have been thinking about from September last year. It is not about being ready, It is knowing what you have to do,” she said.

“Employment can make you comfortable some times. I am not someone who can be at the same place for more than seven years,” she said.

Kamene has been replaced by Sheilah Kwamboka.

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