Married editor’s affair with workmate busted after ‘work trip’ to Mombasa

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A married editor at one of the three leading media houses who is rumoured to have a thing for old women has become the talk of the office after his illicit affair with a younger colleague was discovered.

The editor recently went for a ‘work trip’ with his new love, who is also a digital editor to Mombasa to report on a story. Fellow journalists at the media house who thought it was weird that two editors were going for a reporting trip initially opted to brush the issue aside but their doubts were soon proven right due to careless blunders made by the ‘couple.’

Apparently, the digital editor had not told her husband that she was going to Mombasa. The man who has contacts in the media house made calls to find out where his wife was raising speculation that she was up to no good.

However what gave the mission of the two lovers away were employees at the company’s Mombasa Bureau who saw them. Additionally, a driver of the media house who drove them around has confirmed that they were sleeping at the same place.

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The two lovers however don’t seem to mind rumours as they continue to hug each other every day and spend time after work. Infact the senior editor has vouched for his lover to get a new position in the company. Keep it here to get insights when the promotion happens or for the drama that will follow when the editor’s other office lover finds out.

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