KTN’s Laban Cliff Onserio denied office access, kicked out of WhatsApp Groups

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KTN Journalist Laban Cliff Onserio has run into more headwinds after his employer Standard Media Group denied him access to the company’s premises.

The journalist who also doubles up as Chief of Staff to the Group CEO Orlando Lyomu has also been locked out of official emails and kicked out of all WhatsApp groups.

It is not clear why the company has taken such drastic steps to the journalist who is set to take plea for possession of explosives.

Sources however say he was not informed on whatever is happening and that he only found out on Monday when he reported to work.

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His access card refused to open the gate and on inquiry he was told by the security office to call his supervisor who is the CEO.

Surprisingly the journalist who was once the eyes and ears was unable to reach him on phone. He went back home.

While it is unclear why the company decided to do that to one of its senior most managers, there is a feeling by some of the bosses that there is a need to cut links with Onserio before he takes plea.

The journalist who was arrested on December 26 at the Holy Family Basilica with a stun grenade has asked the court for an alternative resolution to his case.

He out of remorse wrote an email to Standard Group management asking for forgiveness.

“Our media competitors haven’t made it any better, distorting the facts owing to rivalry. I will leave politics aside for now,” he said in an email.

“Be as it may, I humbly apologize to you all for my actions and for the reports dragging the Group s name into this. As a newsmaker, I will have a story to tell about being the news,” he said

“I apologize to you all for the unwarranted limelight. As a past civil servant in the President’s office, the escalation of this case has been worrying,” he said.

The company’s management however feels that every time the matter is mentioned, Standard Media Group gets mentioned something they want to stop.

Some members of staff however feel that the way the company has handled the situation by locking out one of its top managers and recognizable figures without informing him or subjecting him to a disciplinary process when he has not even been charged or found guilty of a crime is inhuman.

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