Armed robber disarmed and lynched by bodaboda riders for spoiling their name

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An armed robber who tried to scare bodaboda operators by shooting in the air met his death after they disarmed and lynched him for giving their industry a bad name.

The robber was part of a two-man gang that was terrorising pedestrians along the Wangari Maathai road using a motorcycle on Saturday evening. A woman who had just been robbed by the gang raised an alarm which attracted bodaboda operators who were waiting for passengers nearby.

They gave the two robbers a chase and managed to catch up with them at the Kolobot- Wangari Maathai road junction. According to Nairobi police boss Adamson Bungei, one of the robbers drew a Czeska pistol and shot in the air to scare the riders.

The bodaboda riders however grabbed him from the motorcycle and threw him to the ground with kicks and blows as his accomplice escaped.

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“We discourage mob lynching and it is better for suspects to be handed to police for processing,” warned Bungei

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