David Ndii: We never promised cheap electricity. Mjipange

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The Chair Presidential Council of Economic Advisors David Ndii has shocked Kenyans by telling them to their faces that Kenya Kwanza never promised to lower the cost of power during the campaign period.

The economist has on his Twitter Page today generated debate after declaring that cheaper power was not in the Kenya Kwanza campaign manifesto and those pressuring them should give them a break.

The Ruto administration has been under pressure in recent months over the cost of living as the prices of food, fuel and electricity have refused to go down despite promises that they will make life cheaper.

Now, in the midst of this conversation, Prof Ndii an economist by profession has thrown in another shocker.

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“On power bills, we have two choices. Costly power available 24/7, or cheap power available a few hours a day, like South Africa. If you cared to peruse our manifesto, you would have noted that cheap power does not feature in our pledges on electricity,” said Prof Ndii.

Contrary to what Prof Ndii has said, The Kenya Kwanza Manifesto did actually promise to bring down the cost of power

Kenya Kwanza Manifesto

Infact, President Ruto last month said the state was working on a formula to review the costs of all forms of energy used by Kenyans to make them pocket friendly to Kenyans.

He downplayed reports that the cost of living and the level of unemployment would leap in the new year with the dropping of the subsidies and increase of taxes.

“Contrary to the word being peddled around that there will be job losses and additional cost of living.

“Let me assure you that we have made the right decisions on ensuring that we have a predictable platform on how to run the economy,” he clarified.

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