“Don’t tag me in his bullsh*t,” Zuchu ‘breaks up with Diamond’

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Tanzanian songstress Zuchu has declared that she is single and deleted all photos that she had taken with her boss-turned-bedmate Diamond Platinumz. In a surprising move that has caught everyone by surprise, Zuchu told her fans on Snapchat to stop tagging her on Diamond’s posts.

“Don’t tag me in his bullshit, I am single from now going forward. Thank you,” said Zuchu.

This has come as a surprise as Diamond had just two days ago written a loving post for Zuchu on Valentines Day.

“Happy Valentine’s Day dear. Yes, I know you think I’m late, I’m not late because for us every day is Valentine’s Day. That’s why I didn’t want to bring you anything yesterday (February 14) so ​​that you know that yesterday is not just a day, but for us, every day is an important day, “Valentine’s Day meant nothing to me before. I want you to know that I love you yesterday, today, tomorrow, every minute, and every second of our lives. May God fill your heart with happiness and your wallet with money so that you can buy more land and houses in Zanzibar.” said Diamond.

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Surprisingly, Diamond’s brother Romy Jons and his stepfather Uncle Shamte yesterday wished the couple well and offered prayers to God on their behalf for the two to solemnize their relationship.

“Mungu awatangulie, mtoke mliko mje tulipo Inshaallah,” Uncle Shamte said while Romy Jons wrote “Na ndoa yenu ikawe ya kheri Inshaallah.”

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