Embu man dies after defying witchdoctor’s instructions on not to leave his house

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A 40-year-old man whose brother’s motorcycle had been stolen at Siakago in Mbeere North, Embu County collapsed and died after he allegedly failed to follow instructions given to him by a witch doctor.

The drama began on February 9 after David Ireri’s motorcycle was stolen by unknown people from his home. He immediately made a report at Siakago police station and informed his brother David Ngare.

Dissatisfied with the pace of investigations by the police, the two engaged a witch doctor by the name Collins Kech from Kisumu to help them recover the motorcycle. The witch doctor traveled to Embu and arrived on Valentines Day. He then proceeded to perform some rituals and told the family members that the results will be out in three hours.

He however instructed the family members not to leave the house or consume alcohol until the three hours elapsed before leaving for Kisumu.

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According to a statement recorded by Christine Nzula at Siakago Police Station through OB Number 45/14/02/2023 she escorted the witch doctor to the stage but on returning home

“Ngare had left for an unknown destination, in the company of another family member, Elkana Muthomi.”

This was contrary to the instructions that had been issued by the witch doctor. Ireri who was still in the compound immediately left for Gatito shopping centre to check on Ngare and Muthomi as they were not answering their phones.

He did not find them at Gatito shopping centre. He called for a bodaboda and told the rider o take him to the BAT area. Along the way however they met a man riding the motorcycle that he had lost a week earlier and asked him to follow them.

The three men found Ngare and Muthomi at Mwondu shopping centre, zombified and unable to talk. In fact Ngare was half-naked.

”Using the two motorcycles, the two were ferried back home though they were very weak and had to be tied on the motorcycle for support,” the police report about the incident says.

Once at home, Ireri’s wife Nzula called the witch doctor to intervene but he demanded an extra Sh20,000 which was immediately sent to his number. The witch doctor however said it was too late. Muthomi recovered but Ngare died.

His body was taken to Embu Level 5 Hospital morgue awaiting postmortem as police try to understand what exactly happened.

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