“I have been married for 10 years without kids,” says Kina’s Aunt Redempta.

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Renowned actor Lydia Gitachu who acts as Aunt Redempta on the Maisha Magic Telenovela, Kina has revealed that she has been married for 10 years but is yet to be blessed with children.

Speaking in an interview on Metha Ya Kagoni‘s YouTube Channel, Gitachu said that despite the lack of children in her marriage, her husband has been good.

“I lost a baby at 37 weeks about two years ago, ” she said.

“I however believe God will bless us with a child and if we don’t get one biologically, my husband and I are open to adopting one,” she said,

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The Kina actress said she took a while to get pregnant because she did not want to get a child out of wedlock and when she married her husband, she couldn’t get pregnant until the marriage had been officiated.

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