KRG the Don accuses sister-in-law of poisoning his failed marriage

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Controversial artist KRG the Don has accused his sister in law for being a major factor in the collapse of his 10-year marriage to Linah Wanjiru. The rapper’s ex-wife who has two children with him took off mid-last year. It is claimed that she moved on with a manager to one of the gengetone bands.

In an interview with Eve Mungai, KRG said that his sister-in-law poisoned his wife as she was always jealous of their relationship and flashy lifestyle.

“You know she has never been an independent thinker… always relying on other people and always listening to her friends and sister for advice on anything and everything… and sadly they usually gave her bad advice,” Krg said.

The father of two also disclosed that she took back a car he had gifted his ex-wife after realizing that she was trying to sell it.

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“She wanted to sell it and then ety buy a smaller one then start a business with the rest of the money…. You know she thought that her life would remain the same after our divorce…. she soon found out she couldn’t maintain the lifestyle I’d put her on. 

You know she was even asking for maintenance fees. I was angry I had gifted her for being the mother of my kids, and now that she had chosen to listen to her friends, she did not deserve anything from me.” The artist revealed.

The musician had a nasty breakup with his ex-wife Linah Wanjiru. He claimed that he divorced her because she got idle and started rolling with chokoras.

“There is a certain level of richness that when you reach, there are some nonsense you cease tolerating. There are certain people you no longer want to see around you,” KRG said in a past interview.

The artiste further claimed that his ex-wife’s mindset was no longer in the same wavelength with his, lamenting that she liked associating with low-lifes and friends who added no value in her life.

“She loved moving around with low-life and people who added no value to her life. People I can only liken to chokoras,” he added.

KRG further alleged that his wife lacked the motivation to run a business, despite opening several enterprises for her.

“She has had businesses but she is not business oriented. Even if you open a business for her, it fails because she lacks big dreams. She had no bills to foot, hence assumed a comfort zone.”

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