Suspect arrested while seeking treatment after being shot by police

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A man was last night arrested while seeking medical attention at a hospital moments after he had been shot by police in Mathare, Nairobi.

The suspect was in the company of three others who were attacking and robbing pedestrians on Monday night when police were alerted.

The suspects who were using a motorcycle had just robbed a pedestrian of Sh2,000 when an alarm was raised.

Police on patrol rushed to the scene and confronted the gang while shooting at them. Nairobi Police boss Adamson Bungei said that three of the suspects were arrested on sight but one of them managed to escape with gun shot injuries.

However a few minutes later, police were informed there was a patient at
Huruma Nursing Hospital with bullet injuries seeking treatment.

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The man according to the medical personnel at the clinic had bullet wounds in the left side of his chest near his arm and was bleeding. He was taken to the hospital at about 1am claiming that he had been shot by thugs along Thika Road.

Police arrived at the hospital while he was still being treated and positively identified him as the man who had escaped earlier after being shot. He was immediately taken into custody.

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