You no longer need to book when applying for DCI clearance certificate

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DCI Director Mohammed Amin

The Director of Criminal Investigations has announced major changes with regard to seeking Police Clearance Certificate, formally known as Good Conduct Certificate.

In a notice to Kenyans, DCI said Kenyans no longer need to book a fingerprinting date while applying for the Police Clearance Certificate.

The directorate said the section on booking fingerprints has been removed from the portal.

“Applicants are encouraged to visit their convenient fingerprinting centres with their printed C24 copies, payment vouchers and original ID cards,” DCI noted.

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“For those choosing DCI Headquarters as their preferred centre, please note that PCC applicants access the fingerprinting facility between 7.00 AM and 3.00 PM. After 3 pm, only those within the centre are served.”

To avoid long queues, DCI has encouraged city dwellers that fingerprinting service is equally available at the Huduma Centres.

Once generated, the certificate remains on the applicant’s e-citizen account for a period of 6 months after which it is pulled down. 

Applicants who seek to use the certificate for a longer period are, therefore, advised to download and keep printed copies to avoid future frustrations.

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