Radio Africa shuts down Kiss TV after 14 years of losses

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Kiss TV, the flagship television station operated by Radio Africa has been shut down after failing to break even despite several relaunches.

Launched in 2009, Kiss TV was supposed to be an alternative station targeting Kenya’s bubbling youth population with its edgy programming and emphasis on entertainment.

Yet despite being launched with lots of promise, the Waiyaki Way based television station has failed to find its footing in the market.

Radio Africa has announced that today will be the last day on air for Kiss TV.

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“As you may be aware, our TV department has been unable to generate any revenue despite everyone involved to turn around the situation,” Martin Khafafa, the chief of operations at Radio Africa has said in a memo to staff.

“Consequently we will be shutting down the station. All affected staff will be informed on the handover process by the HR team,” he said.

The shutdown of the station comes less than a year after it was relaunched. During its relaunch in May last year, the company’s management said its programs will captivate audiences all day. This in turn was supposed to bring in the advertisement that the station really needed in order to stay afloat.

“The new-look Kiss TV promises to bring you a dose of your favourite entertainment, music, sports and live shows,” said the company.

“The re-branded Radio Africa-owned TV will now bring fresh new programmes all geared towards captivating its audiences all day, every day,” it said.

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