Tanzanian boxer famous for viral pressers Mandonga to fight in Nairobi in January

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Flamboyant Tanzanian Boxer Karim Mandonga has announced he will be facing a Kenyan boxer in January.

Speaking after winning a bout against his rival Alibaba Tarimo, Mandonga announced that he will be taking the fight to Kenya on the 14th of January 2023.

“All Tanzanians should be aware that on 14th of January Kenya’s President will be receiving me. I have the received the contracts and I am ready to sign” he said.

The 43-year-old boxer has gained popularity over his hilarious pre-match and post-match interviews where he is always over confident.

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The cocky boxer is known to name his signature punches before a bout. In his sleeves he has rolled out ‘ngumi ndoiga’, ‘ngumi momoko’ and his latest ‘ngumi peleso peleso’ that rode him to victory against Alibaba. Mandonga has promised to launch a new punch ahead of Kenya’s debut match.

“Tanzanians should be patient, a new punch is in the works, it will be a foreign one, and it will be of Russian and Vietnamese origin” the smug boxer announced.

In the past Mandonga has been known to pull off theatrics to intimidate his opponents including punching trees with his bare knuckles. It is unclear whether these stunts work since he has few wins to his name.

In his own uniqueness, Mandonga displays the same enthusiasm in his post-match interviews, whether he wins or loses, a technique that has won him a number of sponsors including betting companies.

Mandonga alias Mtu wa Kazi is Tanzania’a most recognizable and talked about boxer. However despite his fame, Mandonga does not have an outstanding record in the ring. He has had five fights in toral, out of which he has only won one, lost three and has one fight declared a draw.

Contrary to other famous boxers who have created their fame inside the ring, Mandonga’s star has risen courtesy of his mouth. He is a master orator and his most unique trait is how he intimidates opponents before a fight.

Fingers are now crossed as Kenyans wait to see who will fight Mandonga in his inaugural match on Kenyan soil.

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