We will not re-open Facebook if they don’t accept our demands, Museveni

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Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has said that Facebook will be suspended in the country until the social media company complies with his demands.

While talking to editors during a forum in Kampala, the president said that the government had already made its demands to the social media giant but they are yet to respond.

“We have our problems with Facebook and we have expressed them. If they are worked on, we have no problems opening Facebook,” said Museveni.

Facebook was shut down in Uganda in January 2021 following the general elections which Museveni won but hundreds of accounts belonging to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporters were deleted for spreading fake news.

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“Facebook are arrogant. They were being used to attack us. When our own people tried to answer back they shut us. It has been two years since Facebook was chased out of Uganda. When I checked, boda bodas and taxis were still moving [in absence of Facebook]; even matooke and milk were still coming. I hope Facebook now knows who is in charge of Uganda! When they stop playing games we shall open them,” said the president.

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