Cindy K; Sean Preezy was a better lover than Shaq the Yungin

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TikToker Cindy K who has both dated Sean Preezy and Shaq the Yungin has given her verdict on who was a better man

Digital content creator Cindy Kipsang alias Cindy K has finally addressed her recent break up with NRG radio presenter Sean Preezy saying that they left each other on good terms.

In an interview with Prince Newton who is rumoured to be her new boyfriend, Cindy said that her immediate ex Sean was a better lover than her first love Shaq the Yungin. Shaq who is also a radio presenter at NRG broke up with Cindy in February last year after he discovered that Sean, his former best friend and work mate was seeing his girlfriend behind his back.

The two former best friends even had a physical fight in the studio following the discovery forcing NRG management to put them in two different shows. They were initially co-hosting the mid-morning show. Sean was taken to the late-night show.

NRG radio presenters sean preezy and shaq the yungin when they were still best friends

Now having dated both, Cindy has made a verdict on who is a better lover between the two.

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“I don’t want to talk about that but let’s just give a very general answer, just very textbook kind of obvious, there are basic things girls like, like flowers and stuff like that,” said Cindy while saying that Sean was a better man.

And did she hook up with Sean to make Shaq the Yungin feel bad?

“No, and the friendship had nothing to do with me, they already weren’t friends before me, it’s not news if they break up, but it is news when they break up and I date one of them,” said Cindy.

She however failed to reveal what made her break up with Sean only insisting that they are still friends.

“Me and Sean have always been friends, there is no bad blood. I think it’s because first we were friends so we always understood each other, so it’s no bad blood, till today,” she said.

She went on to add that the two had separated long before making the announcement online.

“We broke up like a month before it was announced, so you know people were asking me how is the break up? And it was a month already so I had already dealt with it hiyo time nilikuwa tu sawa,” she said.

On what she thinks greatly contributed to their fall out Cindy said:

“You see putting my business online, I won’t be doing any more of that. I never expected people would be in my business like that, I never expected it. I didn’t think people would care enough to comment on it.”

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