Lilian Ng’ang’a, Michelle Ntalami clash over Chiloba’s funeral attendance

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A photo collage of former Machakos First Lady Lilian Ng'ang'a and businesswoman Michelle Ntalami

Lilian Nganga and Marini Naturals owner Michelle Ntalami have clashed after the former Machakos first lady hit out at ‘friends’ of LGBTQ+ activist Edwin Kiptoo alias Chiloba for not attending his funeral that took place on January 17, 2023.

According to Lilian, several of Chiloba’s friends were not really close to him or had superficial friendship since none of them attended the funeral. Among those who were highly vocal about the late Chiloba’s murder were Ntalami and make-up artiste Dennis Karuri, who are both openly gay.

Karuri later defended himself that although he had known Chiloba for a very long time, they used to talk alot but never met in person. He further added that he felt like the burial was a very intimate family affair and he didn’t need to give Chiloba his flowers when he is dead.

“I have never seen Edwin in person so I can’t start getting involved with his burial. That is very personal and family centered,” he said.

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This has not gone down well with the former Machakos First lady who has called out everyone who claimed to be Chiloba’s friend terming them as fakes.

 “That the many people who posted how they knew Chiloba did not attend his sendoff shows how superficial friendships are and that family is all that matters,” Lilian said.

Ntalami has taken note of Lilian’s sentiments and defended herself .

“First of all, address him properly; His friends. Secondly, you don’t know any facts for you to be running your mouth like this. Some of us showed up and paid our respects in ways you may not be privy to,” she said.

“Those who didn’t or couldn’t manage to don’t love him any less! You are one of those keyboard warriors just waiting to see who attended and who didn’t just to make people look bad. How about you post a tribute for Edwin Chiloba and remember him in love instead of all this bitterness? If not, let him rest. He is loved, and his love wins,” Ntalami said

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