Stephen Letoo leaves fans guessing after showing off two women ‘bestfriends’

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Citizen TV senior political journalist Stephen Letoo has sparked reactions after posting photos of him hanging out with two women.

They were photographed spending quality time on the hills while dressed in Maasai attires.

Sharing the photo on his Instagram account, Letoo who has always advocated for polygamy wrote “With my best friends Sasha and Lucky.”

His fans have flocked to his timeline wondering if there is more than what has been told.

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Letoo has always advocated for polygamous marriages. In 2021 the journalist parted ways with his baby mama Winnie Nadupoi.

Reports of their breakup were triggered after Leto flew to Mombasa to celebrate his birthday without Winnie and deleted her photos from his Instagram.

The journalist later clarified that he broke up with Nadupoi as she could not stomach seeing another woman being introduced in their union.

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