How a man survived for two days after son threw him in a pit hoping to kill him

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A 60-year-old man has been admitted at the Longisa County Referral Hospital in Bomet after his 22-year-old son threw him into a 20-feet-deep pit hoping he would die following a land dispute in Emitiot village.

Fortunately, Samuel Tanui survived the fall. He spent two days inside the pit without getting help. On the third day however he heard some people who were walking nearby talking and he shouted for help.

Villagers who had not seen the old man for two days and were searching for him quickly mobilized themselves and pulled him out of the pit. He was rushed to hospital with just a few bruises on his back.

The suspect thinking that his father had died returned home the same evening to a trap set by the police.

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“We are happy that it didn’t rain during the period the old man was inside the pit. The story could have been different, it’s not easy for a man of his age to spend two nights in a cold place considering he also starved for that period,” said Emitiot sub-location assistant chief Leny Ngeno.

“The suspect wanted his father to allow him to sell a family piece of land but he refused,” added the chief.

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