Nyamira governor Nyaribo falls victim to sim swap fraudsters

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Nyamira Governor Amos Nyaribo has become the latest victim to the sim swap syndicate after criminals took control of his number.

In a statement shared on Sunday, the governor announced that the criminals who took control of his number are using it to con his contacts by asking for money.

He also said that the criminals had also cloned his WhatsApp Messenger and locked him out.

“I urge the public to ignore messages soliciting for cash from a number through text messages and WhatsApp that is associated with my cell phone number,” said the governor.

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Additionally, he said that he filed a report with the National Police Service (NPS) and that an investigation had been launched to unmask the criminals.

SIM swapping, or SIM jacking, occurs when a fraudster convinces your network provider to change your phone number to another SIM card that they control.

Since for many people, bank, email, and social media accounts are now linked to SIM cards, fraudsters access your accounts, transfer your money, and defraud family members and friends on your contact list while pretending to be you.

Nyaribo is the second politician whose SIM card has been swapped within a month.

In December 2022, a Member of Parliament lost Ksh941,000 to the Mulot syndicate.

The criminals renewed his line without his knowledge and used it to access his bank account. They emptied the account in less than six hours.

They were however arrested including their gang leader David Mutai alias Hillary Langat Matindwet.

He is currently out on a Sh300,000 bond.

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