Man steals bible from girlfriend after she declined sex and ran away

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A tussle between two lovebirds has ended up at the Makadara Law Court after a man stole a bible, pillow, mat and a mobile phone from his girlfriend.

Trouble began when for Peter Otieno when he arrived at Valentine Songore’s house on January, 30 and demanded for breakfast. His girlfriend obliged. After drinking tea he asked for sex. This request was denied prompting him to go on a rant before slapping his girlfriend.

Valentine ran for her life and reported the matter to a relative who lives nearby. The relative agreed to mediate the matter but when they returned to Valentine’s house they found some items missing.

They reported the matter to the police who launched a man hunt for Otieno. He was promptly arrested and presented at the Makadara Law Courts yesterday where he agreed to stealing the items.

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