Women urged to plant drought-resistant crops as climate change reduces rainfall in Kisii

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Kisii Woman Representative Doris Aburi

Women farmers in Kisii and Nyamira Counties have been challenged to plant drought-resistant crops to sustain their families as climate change worsens the country’s food security situation.

Kisii Woman Representative Dorice Aburi and Nominated Senator Essy Okenyuri have said that women in rural Kenya are the breadwinners for their families. Most of these Women have no solution on how to mitigate or sustain themselves as the effects of climate change continue to ravage the country.

Okenyuri has challenged the women to make use of the March Short rains and grow crops that can grow with little rain and also take short time to harvest.

“I am asking our women to take advantage of the ongoing short rains and grow crops such as sorghum, cassava, millet and sweet potatoes because they take short time to mature,” she said.

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She further educated women on the importance of practicing agroecology as this will help them adapt to climate change.

Kisii Woman Representative Dorice Aburi said rural women should think of innovative ways of maintaining soil fertility by embracing climate-smart agriculture such as organic farming and irrigation farming in fighting food insecurity in the country.

“We have the short rains with us and it’s time for our Women to harvest water and store it well for irrigation during dry seasons to water their crops,” said the Women Rep.

She further asked farmers to always practice mulching to maintain moisture in the soils and crop farming to maintain soil nutrients.

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