Drama as top cop opens fire after night out with woman

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A senior cop based in Teso, Busia County caused a stir in Busia town after he fired in the air two times, following an altercation over a woman early yesterday morning.
Earlier at around 11pm, the cop had walked into Didis pub in the company of a beautiful babe only identified as Daisy, to unwind after a long day’s work.
The cop ordered drinks and the two imbibed the frothy waters while conversing in low tones, as Daisy giggled occasionally to their private chats while leaning on the cop’s shoulder, leaving him beaming with excitement.
All went well in the pub located at the border town with Uganda, as other revellers danced with their partners to slow rhumba tunes that set the mood for a happy ending, to crown the Christmas festivities.
However, at around 2:30am, the woman spotted a man she knew sitting at an adjacent table and joined him for a brief chat. This irked the senior cop who paid for his swallows only and left in a huff, leaving the woman to her own devices.
Efforts by the woman to go after the top commander and explain that things were not as he thought fell on deaf ears, as the officer entered his jalopy and took off towards Amerkwai, leaving with the woman’s handbag.
The woman accompanied by the bar manager went after the cop using a motorbike while demanding the handbag and blocked his vehicle at Amerkwai, along the Busia-Malaba road.
Immediately, the officer whipped out his firearm a Jericho pistol loaded with 15 rounds of 9mm calibre and fired two rounds in the air, sending the duo scampering for dear life and attracting the attention of police officers from Adungosi police station who rushed to the scene.
The officer’s firearm was confiscated and an Inquiry File No. 3/2022 was opened to conclusively investigate the matter.

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