WATCH: Comedian 2mbili assaulted by his wife

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Kenyan comedian 2Mbili is nursing injuries after he was insulted by the mother of his children.

According to a post shared by fellow comedian Oga Obinna, 2Mbili has been going through a hard time and it has not been easy to share.

Obinna revealed that 2Mbili has been going through assaults such as being beaten, being stabbed with a knife, and occasionally being burnt with hot water.

“This has been happening for a while now, from kupigwa, kudungwa na kisu, kuchomwa na maji moto but he chose to stay for the kids and keep quiet,” said Obinna.

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“I have decided to speak before it is too late so that one day he may have the courage to talk about it but for now the boy child needs all the help he can get,” Obinna said on his Instagram page.

Here is the video with more details

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