Arnelisa Muigai: Why certain men can’t last with me

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Keroche heiress and Nero Company Limited CEO Anerlisa Muigai has revealed that she cannot tolerate men who don’t clean up after themselves.

While commenting reacting to an Instagram post on a user who had complained about how her husband was making the house messy and leaving her to clean up, the businesswoman said she once dumped a man she was dating over such behaviour.

“The nonsense I cannot tolerate. No excuse. You must clean up. They hate it when I do these rules in the house. Most can’t handle it for a year, so I show them the door. That’s just me, sorry. I get there is a house help, but it is only me who put the rule off. If you are the last one out of bed, you must make it,” said Anerlisa.

Arnelisa whose last known man is Tanzanian artist Ben Paul is on record saying she cannot also entertain men who are with her because of her family’s wealth.

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“I have come to gather that most of the relationships fail because of (out of my experience) lack of respect, feeling entitled to the other person’s things/life. There is this relationship I was in where the guy started to even asking me to show him my ATM pin, also when I was talking to my family especially my mum, he wanted to hear and be part of the conversation. Like dude, I have some personal things that need to be shared and discussed only with my family,” she said some time back.

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