Curvy TikToker Njoki Murira closes in on Azziad Nasenya after surpassing 2 million followers.

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After dominating Tiktok for more than two years due to her dance moves and baby face, Azziad Nasenya is facing competition from the unlikeliest of competitors- a village-based Titoker who has become an overnight sensation due to her huge behind.

Maureen Njoki Murira famously known as Njoki Muria just surpassed the one million follower milestone just the other day leaving Kenyans debating on why she is really ticking people on the internet yet what she only does is swing her butt.

Well, shaking what your mama gave you sometimes does pay if her recent numbers are anything to go by because she just clocked two million followers on TikTok. That is one million followers more than what she had within a month.

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For starters, David Moya, the most followed Kenyan on Tiktok has 3.7 million followers. Azziad Nasenya has 2.5 million. The two have been on the faces of Kenyans for years though. So what is making Njoki Murira tick?

On Twitter, miss Njoki Murirah describes herself as, ‘The only Kikuyu who doesn’t love money’ and also a huge ambassador of ‘No sex before marriage’.

With many of her skits shot in a village setting, she never shies from being associated with the place or being referred to as ‘Kienyeji’ a common synonym for, a ‘worthy-good lady’ born and raised at the village.

Yet despite being a kienyeji, she must be giving our dads, many Nigerian and Kenyan men, sleepless nights, just like the bloggers like to put it.

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