“Just four days remaining,” Raila warns Ruto of his planned mass protest

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Opposition leader Raila Odinga has insisted the count down to his long-awaited march to State House with his supporters to protest against the high cost of living is still on.

Raila had on February 21 given President William Ruto 14 days to lower the cost of essential commodities or else he will mobilise his supporters for a march to State House.

Ten days have since passed and the opposition leader insists that the planned march will go on. Speaking in Kisumu on Saturday, March 4, Raila said he would inform his supporters on the way forward.

“Only four days to go. I will tell you the way forward soon. I will show you the route we are going to use,” said Raila yesterday during the funeral of Luo Council of elders chair Willis Otondi.

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His allies who were present at the funeral also dug in saying that they would not relent in the quest to achieve their objectives.

“We have a constitutional right not to recognise Ruto’s government… we also have the power to eject the government,” National Assembly Minority Leader Opiyo.

“When you (Raila) blow the whistle, I will be there. I will come with sufurias to express the hunger affecting Kenyans,” Jubilee Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni said.

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Meanwhile, the president has been dismissing Raila’s threat for mass action stating that he doesn’t have time to engage the opposition leader in political shenanigans.

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